Software For Data Management Platforms

Data management tools ensure that employees have all the necessary information at the appropriate time. This allows them to work more efficiently and faster. Solid data management procedures can help businesses safeguard themselves from unauthorised users, and ensure compliance with regulations such as consumer protection laws.

A well-planned approach to managing data will save businesses money by making sure that assets such data and analytics can be secured and accessible whenever needed. This is especially important for organizations that have large quantities of data or sensitive information to protect.

Some of the most effective software for managing data concentrates on giving an integrated, consistent view of the data across different organizational data sources to improve visibility, reliability and security. These platforms have tools for data integration, data governance, and data quality that can improve business intelligence and reduce the risk of costly errors due to inaccurate or inadequate data.

Oracle offers a suite of products that lets companies build and deploy initiatives based on data. Its Data Management Suite provides consolidated reliable, authoritative and consistent master data for all operational and analytical applications. It also enables data quality and governance, policy compliance, repeatable business processes, cross-functional collaboration and change awareness throughout the enterprise.

Tamr is a data mastering software that improves and integrates data from enterprise and enhances analytical insights. It employs machine learning to combine, cleanse and categorize data from various sources, and then ingests and integrates metadata from both legacy systems and Hadoop. It aims to provide users with a simple data catalog as well as a built-in business glossary as well as data lineage visualization capabilities.

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